Commission Work
Most of my work is commissioned. I love that my customers give me ideas for my creations. It's not unlike song writing. I get an idea and I run with it, putting myself into glass and light.

I start a commission by first receiving a design fee and charge by the square foot (sq.'). However, I do not create anything smaller than three sq.'. Once I receive the design fee, I usually create multiple cartoons (scale drawings) with different degrees of complexities. Once the design is finalized, I will know the exact price per square. I receive half down and then the final payment when the commission is completed .Things that affect the price per sq.' are: 1) detail, 2) special techniques, 3) hand blown glass, and reinforcement rerods, I usually install the work and charge per hour. I am totally responsible for the installation and give a lifetime guarantee on my work and its integrity.

Commissioned Work
Bells Brewery, Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo Public Library, Upjohn Co., Gilmores/ Biggs Co., Ladies Library assoc. of Kalamazoo, Hope Lutheran Church , United Methodist of Kalamazoo, and many residential homes, to name just a few.

Restorations (historical and contemporary)
Greetings to the restoration world. We take great pride in the finest restoration possible, be it matching glass, soldering, structural integrity and their removal and/or installation. As you view these restorations, let me lay out how we go about a restoration. We charge by time and materials. These will be itemized by how many panels (pieces) are replaced and the extent of the physical damage presented.

Restoration Work
Kalamazoo Public Museum, Kalamazoo Public Library, First Congregational Church of Kalamazoo, First Congregational Church of Otsego, Hope Lutheren, United Methodist of Kalamazoo. St. Peter Seminary of Oak Park. Numerous private windows and lamps.